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  • I used to use Link Widgets for a long time, but sadly, it does not work anymore with Firefox 43.0, and for the previous version neither. I'm not sure since when it does not work anymore.

    The buttons still appear, when hovered, the link is well displayed, but when clicked, nothing happens. I found the following message in the browser console:
    TypeError: 'shiftKey' getter called on an object that does not implement interface XULCommandEvent.
    whereToOpenLink() utilityOverlay.js:124
    handleLinkClick() browser.js:16218
    LinkWidgetCore.loadPage() chrome://linkwidget/content/code.js:384
    LinkWidgetCore.initButton/<() chrome://linkwidget/content/code.js:611

    Also, I didn't find any appropriate place to communicate this bug.

    I hope this add-on is still maintained, because I find it really useful, and I'm not aware of any alternative.

    Edit: The patch suggested here (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/link-widgets/reviews/487218/) works well, but it breaks the add-on signature. It is only a temporary workaround.
  • Unfortunately nobody uses "link rel=next" nowadays. So I'm gonna try NextPlease addon instead of this one.
  • They work, but after a while I removed the extension anyway. For _me_ the widgets weren't useful enough. But they do what it says!
  • Many thanks, Alexandre, your fix saved my Internet experience... :-) (almost)
    I don't always use these widgets, but when I tried them recently and found out they were broken, I was very annoyed...
    This add-on is so useful (and well made).
  • I downloaded your file
    restarted Firefox and it works fine.

    Thank you for your fast response.

    Best regards,
  • Mal: As you ask, to get version to work on Firefox 22+, download
    to replace the following file

    As a good practice, I encourage you to take a backup of the original file, and to inspect the file you have downloaded, for instance by comparing with the original.
    A tool to do so is for instance WinMerge (free).

    My previous comment with the manual steps to apply the patch is still available from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/link-widgets/reviews/482782/
  • This is a must-have - I can't imagine trying to use most sites without it!

    It's worth pointing out that you can send the content to a new tab using a middle-click.

    Two things that would gain the fifth star:

    1. It took ages to discover the key bindings - perhaps these could appear in the pop-up tips or something?

    2. Please support finding links in SVG if you can. If the link doesn't contain any svg:text, then obviously the guessing can't work, but it would be nice for it to work on an appropriately written page.

    For example, I have a weather observations chart [*]; Link Widgets ignores the Next and Prev svg:link elements and guesses wrongly by modifying the last number in the URL (despite deselecting that option in its settings).

    [*] http://coilleais.com/weather/therm.pl?d=4days;t=1342738800;xmlindent=2

    If you want to experiment with the SVG stuff (e.g. creating suitable values for XLink:role), then email me using the address on the top page of my site above.
  • It would be great if there were keyboard shortcuts for the buttons. I have a multimedia keyboard with back and forward browser navigation keys and it would be fantastic to map something like CTRL+forward to the forward button. In keyboards without this keys you could use the home, end, page up and page down keys or cursors
  • This is a very useful add-on! The only trouble was that link widgets would interfere with shortcuts like "Command-," for opening preferences. Fortunately, the Link Widget keyboard shortcuts can be disabled with the keyconfig extension: http://mozilla.dorando.at/

    BTW, I am using Link Widgets on FF4 thanks to the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension which will override the add-on compatibility checking. It works like a charm: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/add-on-compatibility-reporter/
  • very useful, but does not work in FF4 yet.
  • When this addon is enabled all my FFx menus get disabled after customizing the toolbars. Some other options are disalbed as well, but Menus are the most specific I can think of. Restarting Firefox brings them back but that is not a good solution if you have a lot of tabs open.
  • Super useful extension !
    I do not understand why this kind of features is not built-in in browsers and why web sites do not use the "rel" links.

    There are so many web page with paging ... This ease navigation a lot.

    Obe question thought .. are there some key shortcuts for the button ? I'd like to be able to do that without the mouse.

    Thanks for your work.
  • Works nicely with Firefox 4.0beta5
  • really useful add on.
    kind of a bug report: when a site adds REL attributes after the page has loaded (using javascript), Link Widgets recognizes them, but keeps the guessed urls as default action.
    imo REL attributes should always be preferred to guessed urls.
  • I really like this add on. It speeds up navigation.
  • An update for 3.6, please?
  • Bug report.When you install this Add-ons,ritght click the toolbar and then click the "custoem toolbar",close it,then you can't use the menu or the "custoem toolbar".
  • You need to add the buttons yourself by editing the tool-bar. Then It works perfectly.
    Keyboard shortcuts (see other comment) works anyway.
  • does not work as a Rewind/Fastforward Buttons replacement. It might be useful for simple photo galleries but it is unable to take you to the prevous page you visited if it is situated ina different domain.
  • Does not replace Rewind/Fastforward Buttons as claimed by the author. The app is not very smart at finding higher leven domains, usually misses the spot you want to go to, wasn't ver useful for me.
  • I'm very disappointed. Under Mac OS X at least, Link Widgets breaks FF 3.5 and isn't usable. I've reported the following bug: https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=21886
  • It's usually a miss rather than a match. It could be made to be much "smarter".
  • This should look for the rel's in tags as well as tags
  • Should use rel=home for the "top" link
  • Awesome addon. Totally essential to avid forum-goers like myself, or anybody who obsessively goes through web comics one-by-one.
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